Push Notifications From Content Tab

Written on 01/19/2024
Mike Halder


Experience the ease of managing push notifications with our App Backoffice! Now, sending out important updates is as simple as publishing an article. With our automated system, you just need to follow these straightforward steps:

1. Navigate to Content - Add: Access the content creation section effortlessly.

2. Enter Title and Message: Input your message details without any hassle.

3. Click Publish: Once your message is ready, hit the Publish button, and our system will automatically send out the push notification within minutes.

4. Schedule with Ease: To schedule a push notification for a specific date and time, select the drop-down menu, choose the Delay option, input the desired date and time, and click Delay.

Optional: Enhance your messages by including additional elements like photos and videos to make your notifications more engaging.

That's it! Experience the simplicity of our automated push notification system and stay seamlessly connected with your audience.