App Builder: Create Top Design iOS & Android Apps Without Coding

Written on 03/25/2024
Mike Halder

Halder Group is a comprehensive and adaptable platform for creating native apps and PWAs without coding.

Thanks to its expertise, Halder Group's App Builder is recognized as the best visual design app maker on the market for Android/iOS/PWA apps. Halder Group enables everyone to build their own mobile apps via an easy visual editor.

Create apps faster and easier without coding, right now. No code required, no technical skills: everyone can use it!

  • Use pre-built templates or start a custom app from scratch.
  • Seamlessly build Android, iOS, and PWA apps.
  • Create professional apps with stunning design and UX without writing a single line of code.
  • Designed for small and medium businesses, freelancers, and content creators.


Halder Group app builder

Get the most out of mobile apps with an app builder


Flexible and reliable mobile app builder, Halder Group is the tool you need to build apps faster, with a top-notch design out of the box. You'll benefit from an easy-to-use online tool and outstanding customer support:

  • Easy DIY App builder with Drag and Drop Visual Interface
  • Time and Cost saving
  • Integration with Third-party tools
  • Tasks Automation


Choose the most powerful app builder

While opting to build an app with app maker software has many advantages, the choice of the best platform ultimately depends on your business rules and goals. What may be the best solution for one app may not be the ideal choice for another. So, once you've decided to go with an app builder platform, choose the one that offers multiple features, adapts to all devices, and suits all kinds of businesses: Halder Group is made for you!

  • Shopping apps for your eCommerce store
  • White Label app reseller program
  • Use Pre-built templates or build from scratch: more than 500 features to customize your app
Halder Group: eCommerce app builder

eCommerce App Builder: Boost your Online Store with a Shopping app

Halder Group is a fully functional Ecommerce App Builder designed for mobile devices! Deliver the best Customer Experience within a Shopping app: seamless navigation, fast loading, one-click payment, and push notifications.

One-Stop-Shop eCommerce development Platform:

  • Manage your PWA, Android & iOS Shopping apps from a unique back-office
  • Benefit from dedicated eCommerce features you will find in our Extensions Store 
  • Connect your Shopify Store with your Mobile app
  • Simplify your workflow trough your Shopping app with external automations tools: Zapier, Make
Online Store Management | Local Delivery + In-Store PickUp | Built-in eCommerce payment solutions

What is an app builder?

An app builder is an online software tool that allows everyone to create and publish apps for mobile devices without code development. It's a turnkey solution to make mobile apps for people who don't have technical knowledge, by using a simple visual editor. So then, everyone can create their own app without outsourcing.
An app builder is a DIY tool to create mobile apps, designed for novice users with no programming skills. Therefore, it must keep easy to use and intuitive.

Based on automated tasks and routines, app creator software provides a highly productive design environment to help users create their own apps without coding. Indeed, app makers are designed to execute repetitive tasks faster and more accurately. In this sense, they are considered a smart technology for building mobile apps.Based on automated tasks and routines, app creator software provides a highly productive design environment to help users create their own apps without coding. Indeed, app makers are designed to execute repetitive tasks faster and more accurately. In this sense, they are considered a smart technology for building mobile apps.

From a UX perspective, app builders provide a WYSIWYG visual editor and Drag and Drop features, helping users visualize their app as they work, in real-time. This makes it easier to make edits and iterate successively.

An app building software is typically designed to deliver cross-platform apps, allowing users to create mobile apps that work seamlessly on most operating systems available in the market. Additionally, the back-office includes built-in tools for development, testing, debugging, and deployment that are accessible to any developer using its own software and hardware.

Technically, app making software is hosted on a cloud platform which ensures high availability, security appliance and scalability.

Key Takeaway: An app builder offer a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, pre-built templates, and comprehensive customer support, making them ideal for anyone seeking a cost-effective and efficient way to develop mobile applications.


Top benefits of using an app builder

Here are some of key benefits of using an app creation software:
  • No Programming Knowledge Required: the main advantage of using an app building platform is that you can build your own app regardless of your programming skills. A good app builder makes the creation process straightforward and seamlessly for users, operating through a drag and drop interface.
  •  Cost-Effective Solution: mobile app development costs are way lower than hiring a professional development team or an app development company.
  •  Fast Speed To Market: With an app builder software, you'll get your app live On-air at an accelerated pace, as the build time is very short. However, this does not include the time it takes to publish the app on the stores, which depends on the submission process, including app store rules and policies.
  •  Pre-Built Architecture: Another silver lining of using app making software is the availability of pre-built architecture that can help many users create their apps in no time. A ready-made architecture providing pre-built wireframes and design can be extremely helpful in making the development process more manageable. Moreover, themes and templates often follow the best User Experience criteria in terms of navigational elements and icons, helping users have a awesome experience while on your app. Unless you are creating something incredibly unique that requires advanced features and customization coding, a pre-built architecture can reduce the time to market and help you create apps with the best UI & UX standards.
  • Rapid prototyping: App builders make it easy to prototype your app, which means you can test out different ideas and features before you launch your app. This can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your app is successful.
  • Customer Support: many app builder platforms offer extensive customer support that can help you before and after creating an app, including stores submission process.
  • Available Online, 24 hours a day, an app making software doesn't require any installation nor local technical resources


Should I use an app builder?

An app builder is for everyone. At Halder Group, we believe app maker platforms are designed for everyone who wishes to create a mobile app, either professionals or beginners. However, you should definitely choose a no-code app builder when you are in one of these situations:
  • You have no technical knowledge
  • You are a solopreneur or a small startup
  • You wish to reduce development time and costs
  • You want to leverage the potential of an appmaker to build your app, which would otherwise require an app development team



App builders have significantly reduced the development time required to build functional apps. The speed and efficiency offered by app builders allows companies to quickly bring their ideas to market, enabling faster product iterations and a competitive advantage. Furthermore, the accessibility and ease-of-use provided by app builders have democratized app development. This trend has lowered the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups, allowing them to leverage app technology without deep technical skills or large budgets.

App building industries are now focusing on integrating APIs, customizing platforms, and developing complex features that become achievable with the latest advancements in AI technologies across the globe.

With Halder Group App Builder, you're sure to get the most out of the expertise of professional app developers and designers who have been there since the early days of app building technology and are now at the cutting edge of the latest advancements in mobile apps development.

With a user-friendly visual editor, pre-built templates, and extensive features, Halder Group App Builder emerges as a game-changer and stands out as a versatile solution for small businesses, freelancers, and content creators, achieving mobile apps with unparalleled design and the smoothest UX without coding.