Strategies for Resellers: Maximizing Recurring Revenue with Mobile Apps

Written on 04/14/2024
Mike Halder

With the increasing significance of mobile devices in the business realm, the dynamics of app business models have shifted. Once dominated by one-time payments, many companies are now embracing recurring revenues as a favored alternative. Among these, subscriptions have emerged as a key choice, furnishing a dependable and steady income flow crucial for sustained growth and financial resilience. Moreover, they facilitate the cultivation of enduring relationships with users, fostering loyalty and continual enhancement of services.

Enter Halder Group, a no-code platform designed to aid vendors in adapting to this evolving landscape. Tailored for web agencies and freelancers seeking to integrate subscription systems into their clients' mobile apps, our customizable subscription models are crafted to fit the unique requirements of each business. Whether it's premium content, exclusive services, or VIP access to special offers, we've got the solution.

Halder Group's membership system presents resellers with a golden opportunity to distinguish themselves. Beyond expanding their service portfolio, resellers can also assist their clients in maximizing their recurring revenues. It's a mutually beneficial proposition: end companies enjoy a fresh revenue stream and strengthened customer relationships, while resellers solidify their position as indispensable partners in their clients' digital endeavors.

I. The attractiveness of recurring revenues for companies

As businesses seek to stabilize cash flow, foster stronger customer bonds, and enhance their market standing, the adoption of subscription-based revenue models has surged in popularity.

Diverging from single-transaction models reliant on one-time purchases, recurring revenue-based models present numerous benefits:

  • Financial predictability: One of the major advantages of recurring revenues is their predictability. Companies can count on a constant cash flow, facilitating financial planning, resource allocation, and long-term investment.
  • Financial stability: Business models based on recurring revenues tend to be more stable. By minimizing revenue fluctuations, they enable better management of uncertain economic periods.
  • Customer loyalty: Subscription-based models encourage long-term relationships with customers. By providing a service or product on an ongoing basis, companies can build stronger customer loyalty, which is essential for long-term growth.
  • Increased cross-selling and up-selling opportunities: With regular access to their customers, companies have more opportunities to offer upgrades or additional products, thereby increasing average revenue per user. 


It's easy to see why subscription-based services are becoming increasingly popular with businesses. This trend is transforming many business sectors.

II. Mobile applications as a vector for recurring revenues




Mobile applications offer businesses of all sizes an unprecedented opportunity to leverage subscription models, thanks to their ubiquity and user-friendly nature.

With smartphones becoming ubiquitous tools in daily life, mobile apps have unparalleled reach. The convenience of accessing services or content through a device that is always within reach significantly boosts the likelihood of recurring subscriptions.

Furthermore, mobile apps excel in personalization, providing users with tailored experiences that enhance perceived value and drive subscription uptake.

The sustained engagement facilitated by features like push notifications, regular updates, and intuitive interfaces is crucial for retaining subscribers.

Successful examples of subscription models abound, with prominent platforms like Netflix and Spotify revolutionizing access to video and music content. However, subscription-based content delivery extends beyond these giants to encompass various sectors such as news, specialized press, health and wellness, education, tourism, and more.

For companies aiming to tap into the potential of mobile applications, adopting subscription models represents a promising strategy for sustainable growth. As a reseller, this presents a ripe market opportunity to seize and capitalize on.


III. Why should resellers focus on applications that generate recurring revenue?


The ascent of business models reliant on recurring revenues, notably within the realm of mobile applications, signifies a significant strategic opportunity for resellers. By directing their efforts towards the development and promotion of applications that generate recurring revenue, resellers stand to enhance their own value proposition while fortifying their position in the market. Here's why this emphasis is advantageous and how it reshapes the dynamic between resellers and customers:

Strategic benefits for resellers
  • Market differentiation: Resellers set themselves apart from the competition by offering mobile applications that generate recurring revenues. This type of service adds a layer of sophistication and value to their offering, attracting customers looking to maximize their return on digital investment.
  • Increasing customer value: Subscriptions offer a stable and predictable revenue stream. By offering subscription systems for their customers, resellers contribute directly to their commercial success, which can strengthen loyalty and customer satisfaction.
  • Increased revenue potential: Resellers who develop applications with integrated subscription models can benefit from recurring revenues through commissions or revenue-sharing structures. This creates an additional income source beyond the initial application development payment. This value-sharing must be negotiated with your customer when the contract is signed.


Positioning as strategic partners

  • Beyond development: By focusing on recurring revenue, you move beyond your traditional role as an app developer to become a strategic advisor. You help your customers understand how to maximize the value of their mobile apps over the long term, not just at launch.
  • Ongoing support: Recurring revenues imply a long-term relationship with customers beyond the development phase. This establishes a partnership that contributes to the application's and, by extension, the client company's ongoing success.
  • In-depth expertise: By specializing in recurring revenue-generating applications, you develop in-depth knowledge of best practices, market trends, and revenue optimization strategies. This expertise makes you essential to customers looking not only to launch applications but also to scale them and maximize their profits.


By focusing on recurring revenue-generating applications, resellers can improve their business model and play a decisive role in their customers' success. This positioning transforms the customer-provider relationship into a strategic partnership, where resellers contribute directly to the growth and sustainability of the companies they serve.


IV. Using Halder Group to create subscription-based applications








Halder Group simplifies the creation and management of subscription-based apps . Here's an overview of key features and tips for designing, launching, and managing mobile apps offering premium content via subscription systems. 

Halder Group's specific features for in-app membership systems
  • Integrated subscription management: Halder Group offers a simplified interface for creating and managing in-app subscriptions . 
  • Subscription offer customization: The platform enables the customization of the subscription offer, including the choice of content available to subscribers, additional benefits , and subscription price according to the commitment period. This flexibility is crucial to creating an attractive offer that maximizes user conversion and retention.
  • Secure payment system: By integrating Apple's and Google's secure and recognized payment systems (integrated purchases), Halder Group simplifies the subscription process for end users, guaranteeing a smooth and secure purchasing experience. End users subscribe to the same terms as Netflix, Disney+, and other consumer apps offering premium content.
  • Easy subscriber management: Halder Group provides tools to track and manage subscribers, including features for tracking renewals and managing cancellations. These tools help to understand and respond effectively to user needs.
  • Targeted push notifications: The platform lets you configure push notifications based on end-users subscription status (active subscriber, expired subscriber, prospect). This feature helps maintain high engagement and reduce churn.


Tips for getting the most out of Halder Group when delivering to a customer

  • Test different pricing schemes: Experiment with different price levels and/or different volumes of premium content to identify the combinations that generate the most revenue in your customer's application.
  • Offer a trial period: Encourage your customer to offer sign-ups offering a free or discounted trial period. This allows users to discover the value of the premium offer without an initial commitment, increasing the chances of conversion to paid subscriptions.
  • Customize the app by highlighting premium content:
    • Use widgets on the home page to create attractive previews of subscriber-only content
    • Apply when setting up the sign-up landing page to learn about the premium offer and choose its price
    • Customize the icon used to identify premium content in listings
  • Analyze and adjust: Use Halder Group's analytical tools to track subscription performance in the app. Analyze this data regularly to identify trends, adjust your strategies, and optimize recurring revenue.


By leveraging these features and tips, you'll create attractive, functional mobile subscription apps and implement effective strategies to maximize recurring revenue for your customers. 


V. How to take action


Convincing your customers of the importance of adopting subscriptions as a revenue strategy for their mobile applications requires a thorough understanding of their benefits and an ability to communicate them effectively.

Start by explaining how recurring revenue offers a predictable and stable source of income, enabling your customers to plan their finances with greater confidence and security. This blog post gives you a solid foundation on which to build your sales pitch.

Then, demonstrate how your expertise (and Halder Group's technology) makes it easy to sign up for an in-app subscription. A simple click and biometric authentication are all it takes. Prepare a prototype to show how Halder Group's subscription features are integrated with iOS and Android and can be customized to meet your customer's specific needs. You have all the tools at your disposal to do this from your reseller account, and our support advisors are also there to help you if needed.

I'm convinced that you'll be able to effectively convince your customers of the importance of adopting subscription models in their mobile applications. With Halder Group, you'll reinforce your added value and support your customers in the transition to more sustainable and profitable revenue models.