How to Sell an App to an Association

Written on 01/26/2024
Mike Halder

The reseller program offered by Halder Group empowers you to create unlimited apps for three different platforms: Progressive Web Apps for the web, native Android apps for the Google Play Store, and native iOS apps for the App Store.

With over 500 features and 140 extensions, Halder Group equips you to target a diverse range of customers, spanning content management apps to eCommerce solutions. In this guide, we'll explore how to effectively sell an app to an association.

1/ Identify potential customers

  • Environmental protection organizations
  • Political associations
  • Cultural groups
  • Charities
  • Sports clubs
  • Think tanks

2/ Key features

To appeal to the aforementioned customer base, it's crucial to understand and leverage key features tailored for association apps:

Public Agenda: Utilize the Halder Group CMS to include an Agenda section for publishing events organized by the association. This feature enables associations to promote upcoming events such as meetings, conferences, workshops, and festivals, facilitating member engagement and participation.

Manage an Editorial Team: Grant access to active association members to establish an editorial team responsible for producing and publishing content. This fosters community involvement and ensures a steady stream of relevant content for app users.

Geo-located Users: Native app functionality allows for user geolocation, enabling targeted event notifications based on users' locations. This enhances engagement by keeping members informed about events in their vicinity.

Live Audio and Video: Empower associations to broadcast live audio and video content, fostering real-time engagement with members. From environmental clean-up drives to special events, live streaming enhances user experience and participation.

Push Notifications: Utilize push notifications to deliver timely updates and announcements, reinforcing user engagement and association connectivity.

Fundraising (Coming Soon): Soon, associations will be able to raise funds directly through the app using third-party platforms like "Buy Me a Coffee" or Donately. This feature facilitates financial support and sustains the association's initiatives.

3/ Selling points

Here are compelling arguments to persuade associations of the value proposition offered by a dedicated app:

Share Convictions: An app serves as a platform for sharing the association's core beliefs and values with the community, fostering solidarity and attracting like-minded individuals.

Spread Knowledge: Apps facilitate the dissemination of valuable information, whether scientific articles, meeting reports, or educational content, thereby raising awareness and promoting informed discourse.

Grow the Community: By offering accessibility across multiple platforms, apps expand the association's reach, fostering community growth and engagement.

Accessibility: Apps provide convenient access to reports, documents, and events, empowering members to stay connected and informed anytime, anywhere.

Receive Donations: Apps serve as a conduit for donations, enabling supporters to contribute to the association's projects and initiatives seamlessly.

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