How to Sell an App for Managing Appointment Bookings

Written on 01/10/2024
Mike Halder

The reseller program allows you to create unlimited apps to be published on three different platforms: the web with a Progressive Web App, the Google Play Store with a native Android app, and the App Store with a native iOS app.

With more than 500 features and 140 extensions, Halder Group enables you to target a wide range of customers, including content management apps and eCommerce apps. Today, we will explore how to sell an app for managing appointment bookings. Customers prefer booking appointments via an app because it's quicker and more convenient than calling on the phone! Plus, there are fewer scheduling errors with an app.
App Preview

1. Identify potential customers

  • Hairdressers
  • Barbers
  • Beauty salons
  • Aesthetic salons
  • Spa treatments
  • Dental practices

2. Key features

To win over the mentioned customers, you need to understand and master the key features for appointment booking apps. Here are the main features to utilize:

Appointments Booking
This feature allows customers to manage their appointment bookings within the app. The "appointment booking" section synchronizes with their Google calendar. As soon as an appointment is booked, it's visible in their Google calendar, and they receive a confirmation email. Multiple "appointment booking" sections can be added to the app.

Complete Content Management System
The Halder Group CMS (content management system) is a valuable tool, enabling customers to present their catalog of services, offered services, and prices. Users have all the information needed to choose the services best suited to their needs.

Loyalty Program
A loyalty program within the app can boost business and reward the most loyal users, encouraging positive reviews following their visit.
Form Section
The contact form allows customers to collect user requests and profile information. App users can suggest improvements, respond to surveys, or make suggestions for future services.

Push Notifications
As a service provider, maintaining contact with customers and prospects is crucial. Halder Group offers various communication strategies: automatic, manual, or even geolocalized push notifications to convey the right message at the right time.

About Section
In addition to appointments and services, the app is an ideal place for introductions. The About section allows customers to share more about themselves, their history, and expertise, enhancing user connection. Consider including a Contact section and a Map section for easy customer contact and location finding.

3. Selling Points

Better Schedule Management
An app eliminates the need for phone appointments, allowing customers to focus on their core business and be more efficient, with fewer booking errors. Automation in the app ensures better organization and efficiency.

Perfect Customer Experience
Designed with design and user experience at its core, the app provides a fluid and intuitive booking process. Users receive automatic confirmation emails and can easily cancel appointments if necessary.

Multiple Calendars Management
If your customer offers different services with different schedules, the app allows the addition of as many "appointment booking" sections as needed.
Share Customer Reviews
Customers are the best asset. By sharing customer reviews in the app, your customer can showcase their business and the quality of their work, strengthening existing customer commitment and gaining the trust of new ones.

Building Loyalty
An in-app loyalty program can boost business, rewarding loyal customers with incentives like a free service.

The key selling point is having services at users' fingertips with a mobile app, reinforcing brand image across various platforms: the web, Android's Google Play Store, and Apple's App Store.